Digital Banking Update

Digital Banking Has a New Look
Our redesigned mobile banking experience is easier to use than ever, with a simpler navigation that lets you see all your accounts and balances right when you sign in.  You can pay bills, move money and make deposits in an instant, perfect for busy members on the go!
We've also added new features for both mobile and online banking, like downloadable void cheques, so you can set up pre-authorized debits and direct deposits in a snap.
There's never been a better time to explore digital banking!

1. Easier Access Menu

You menu options are now easier to access, located at the bottom of your screen, as well as quick links on your main dashboard.

2. Void Cheque

You can now download a copy of your void cheque so you can easily set up pre-authorized payments or direct deposits.

3. Clean Dashboard View

You main screen now has a cleaner look, with a similar feel you would find on the online platform.

4. iPad Version Now Available

You can once again utilize the app on an iPad!  (Android tablet app not yet available.)

5. Increased Security

Added security features have been added to the login screen to protect your access.  This won't change anything for your login process, just a slightly different looking screen. 
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