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Other Services

Convenience is key.  That's why Vermilion Credit Union offers a number of additional services to help you and your operation.  
Vermilion Credit Union takes security very seriously.  Alerts can be set up in your digital banking so that you can be notified when certain transactions or activity occurs on your account.  Be sure to set up alerts as an added measure of security! 
Need to make a deposit but it's after hours?  Vermilion Credit Union offers a secure night deposit drop on the west side of the Vermilion branch.   

If you use Vermilion Credit Union's digital banking app check out Remote Deposit for another option! 
Remote Deposit is a feature in Vermilion Credit Union's digital banking app that lets you deposit a cheque with the snap of a picture.  Save time and make your deposit from wherever you are, anytime!
Vermilion Credit Union offers a variety of safety deposit boxes for rent at both the Vermilion and Mannville branches.  This is a great place to store those important documents or valuable items. 
Paying a supplier?  Purchased something at auction?  A wire transfer is a great way to transfer money, especially large sums, in a secure way.  
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