Get your money working harder for you, and our community. 
Grow with us! 

When members invest their deposits with us, they fuel our local economy by allowing us to lend to students, new homeowners and entrepreneurs. 

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

This type of investment guarantees you a set return on your money which can be very beneficial when saving for a specific date in the future. 

Group RRSPs

A Group RRSP (retirement savings plan) helps your employees save for retirement by contributing to their plan on a monthly basis.  

Mutual Funds

A professionally managed investment vehicle. 

Qtrade Direct Investing™

Whether you currently use an online broker or are interested in doing so, Qtrade Direct Investing™ is our online brokerage of choice.  

Qtrade Guided Portfolios™

If you are interested in a smart, easy way to build wealth online and receive robo-advice, then this is the solution for you.  
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