Nominations & Elections

Interested in becoming a Board Member?

We are always looking for qualified and experienced members who are interested in standing for election to the board. Vermilion Credit Union seeks directors with a broad range of business knowledge and depth of experience, as well as an understanding of the credit union’s strategic direction, principles and values. Potential candidates should be able to demonstrate and provide the ability to:

  • Deal with business, financial and social issues at a corporate level
  • Think critically, problem-solve creatively, and work on a team
  • Devote the necessary time to prepare for and attend board and committee meetings and other related activities

For more information about the Board of Directors, please contact Arch Partington at 780-787-7020.

Why would you want to be a Board Director at the Vermilion Credit Union?
This volunteer position (remuneration is provided) is a three-year commitment and has varying responsibilities depending on which committee the Director is involved in.

Among others, the benefits of joining the VCU Board of Directors include:

Develop and enhance your leadership skills
Share your business insight and skills
Gain an opportunity to participate in strategic VCU community investment and partnerships
A deep sense of accomplishment and pride in results

Board Requirements

We do not have an exact resume for the ideal Director. We aim to develop a Board that represents a wide range of skills, experiences, interests, and cultures. Our current Board is comprised of male and female entrepreneurs, professionals, non-profit founders, and retirees, in their 30's to 60's. However, Board candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Be bondable
  • Satisfactory credit history
  • Directors may not be an immediate relative of a current officer, employee or director of the Credit Union.
  • Must be a resident of Vermilion trading area
  • Must not be an owner, director or employee of any competing financial institution or other competing business organization.
Why Vote for your Board of Directors?
One of the many benefits of credit union membership is your ability to vote for the Board of Directors. As a member-owned, member-led institution, our Board is comprised of your fellow members; members you choose through an annual voting process.

Why vote?

  • The Board of Directors approves the direction your credit union takes.
  • They’re directly responsible for our strategic and business plan direction which acts as Vermilion Credit Union’s roadmap to achieving long-term success and a prosperous future.
  • The policies the Board of Directors approves impact YOU.
  • Very few places you bank, or do any business with, encourage you to vote for the people who steward the strength of the organization.

Voter Eligibility

You must meet the following requirements to vote:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Be a member of Vermilion Credit Union

Election Rules

  • 60(2) Subject to subsection (6), of the Credit Union Act, only members are entitled to vote.
  • A member may vote only once unless a member is also a designated representative of a business. Then the member may vote once on their personal membership and once for the business, to a maximum of two votes.
Application for nominations are now open.
To Apply:

Complete the Nomination Application.

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