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General FAQs

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Your account number can be found in a number of different places.  It is listed in your digital banking under your account name, it can also be found on your statements as well as the bottom of your cheques. 
This depends on which branch your account was set up at.  If you are not certain or have changed branches it is best to give use a call as using the incorrect route & transit number can cause issues if you are trying to set up a direct deposit or automatic payment.

Vermilion Branch - 02179-899
Mannville Branch - 12179-899
US Accounts - 19634-899
Becoming a member is simple.  When you come in to open an account we will also open what we call common shares.  A $25 deposit to your share account will make you a member.  If you are under the age of 16, then we only require a $5 deposit to your share account. 
Credit Unions are different in that our members are our owners.  That means when the credit union is profitable, so are our members.  We share a portion of our profits each year with our members!  What are you waiting for?  Become a member today!
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