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Member Cards


A MemberCard® is a debit card that gives you convenience, versatility and security in one card.  You can access your Vermilion Credit Union account whenever you need, around the globe.  This card can also be used at retail outlets for Interac direct payment transactions.  
Interac Flash - It's quick and safe

Total Contactless Spend Limit $400
Default Contactless Spend Limit $250
Petroleum Contactless Limit $250
Grocery Contactless Limit $250
ATM Withdrawals $400
Point of Sale (Direct Payment)  $2,000

The limits on your debit card may be changed at your request and with branch approval, however this may void any coverage in the event of fraud.  
The VCU MemberCard offers a convenient way to keep your funds at hand.
  • Direct pay for your purchases in store
  • Use only money you have and avoid high credit card interest
  • Withdraw cash and check your balances at any ATM with a Cirrus symbol
  • Pay no surcharges at any Ding Free credit union ATM nationwide
  • Make self-serve and after-hours deposits at any credit union ATM or through your Vermilion CU mobile app
  • The Interac Flash feature allows you to pay for small purchases safely and easily with the tap of your card
The chip technology used in your VCU MemberCard keeps your data secure, so you are protected against skimming, fraud and electronic pickpocketing.  You are protected against unauthorized purchases so long as the MemberCard Debit PIN Agreement has been upheld.  

  • Notify VCU if you are planning to use your MemberCard outside Canada.  Unexpected and uncharacteristic spending patterns may be seen as fraud and your card may be blocked.
  • You can use your MemberCard to withdraw cash (local currency) at any international ATM displaying the symbols on the back of your card.  International ATM fees apply. 
  • Check the month your MemberCard expires.  If you will be on vacation that month, contact Vermilion Credit Union to get your new card before you leave.
  • Never lend your card to anyone, including friends and family.  Lending out your card may void your fraud protection.
  • Protect your PIN (Personal Identification Number).  Memorize it - never write it down.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone.  When selecting a PIN, avoid obvious combinations such as sequential numbers, birthdate, phone number, etc.
  • Check your statements regularly and notify VCU immediately if you detect any unusual activity such as purchases you did not make. 
  • When you get a new card, shred or destroy your old card.
  • Report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible.  
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