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When members invest their deposits with us, they fuel our local economy by allowing us to lend to students, new homeowners and entrepreneurs.  You see, credit unions are owned by local members and reinvest funds back to your neighbors, community groups and start-ups.  Your deposits are also 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. Get your money working harder for you, and our community.  Grow with us!
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For more information on your investments, please feel free to contact our Investment personnel below via email or you can call them at:  780-853-2822

Lyle Worobec, CFP, Financial Planning Manager,
Mutual Funds Investment Specialist 

Credential Asset Management Inc.

As an experienced professional in the financial services industry, Lyle has his Certified Financial Planner designation and mutual funds license.Understanding that helping investors achieve their financial goals translates into achieving lifestyle goals, Lyle truly enjoys his chosen profession.  In his downtime, you can find Lyle traveling and meeting new people as well as running, biking and golfing. A quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet that resonates with Lyle has stuck with him for four decades: “Neither a borrower or lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend”.

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