MEMBER CARD® debit card

MEMBER CARD® debit card

Tip Sheet – setting up your new Member Card®

No service charges apply when you use a Vermilion Credit Union ATM or any Credit Union ATM found throughout Canada.  A minimum service charge of $1.50 applies for each transaction at any other machine which displays the ARN, CIRRUS, and Interac Logos.

Membership gives you the privilege of the MEMBER CARD® debit card. This is an ATM card that gives you convenience, versatility and security in one card. You can access your Credit Union accounts whenever you wish and at many locations around the globe. This card can also be used at retail outlets for Interac direct payment transactions.

Introducing our new MEMBER CARD® debit card with chip technology, personalized with the latest INTERAC† Flash technology for your added convenience and security.  Chip technology provides a secure payment environment while protecting you against fraudulent card use.

INTERAC† Flash is a new contactless enhancement which allows you to conveniently and securely make smaller everyday purchases at  select merchants without having to insert your card or PIN.  Simply tap your card at a reader which supports INTERAC flash - it's quick and safe.

INTERAC Flash† - It's quick and safe
Total Contactless Spend Limit: $200
Default Contactless Limit: $100*
Petroleum Contactless Limit: $100*
Groceries Contactless Limit: $100*

Once the total 'contactless' spend limit is reached, you will be required to enter your PIN and this limit will reset.  *some merchants may have set different contactless limits than show above.

Lost or Stolen MemberCard Debit Card

For after hour assistance - if you need to report a lost or stolen debit card call:



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