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Your first steps:

1. You will need your 16 or 19 digit member card number, enter the number in the field indicated
2. Confirm your identity by entering one piece of personal information and either the email or cell # you updated with SVCU.
3. Your cell # or email will be used to send One Time Passcode(OTPs) for security purposes
Setting up your User Profile:
1. Create User Name. PLEASE NOTE: User Names cannot be changed once created. Accurately record your User Name for future reference.
2. Create New Password. Strong PACs must include:
Minimum of 10 Characters
Minimum of 1 Upper Case Letter
Minimum of 1 Lower Case Letter
Minimum of 1 Number
Special Characters Allowed: @ # $ - !
No Spaces

3. Read and accept the terms and conditions

The VCU app is available for mobile devices only. For your tablet or desktop, please access VCU’s Digital Banking portal at

Android devices will need to download the new app, IOS will update the app for users.

To download the VCU app visit either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Please select the Device Support button or page for links to our new VCU App.

Our front line staff in Vermilion and Mannville are here to assist you with onboarding and navigating the new platform. If you need assistance please contact or stop in to one of our branches during regular business hours. Vermilion, call 780.852.2822 for Mannville, call 780.736.6455

For after hours assistance please call 1.888.896.5717



 Lost or Stolen Debit Card/Credit Card

After hour assistance - If you need to report a lost or stolen MemberCard Debit Care or Credit Card:

Member Card: 1-888-277-1043

Credit Card:  1-855-341-4643
International Collect:  1-647-252-9564

Browsers and Encryption

Browsers are the software programs you use to access the World Wide Web and they have seen significant improvements over the years. Browsers used must support cookies, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and tables. Please see our Browser Requirements for more information.

Cookies, Screen Settings and Plug-Ins

A cookie is a small information token that sits on your computer. As you use the site, cookies are passed back and forth between our server and your browser.

This site is best viewed at screen settings of 800 by 600 pixels or 1024 by 768 pixels. To change your screen setting, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on your DESKTOP, select PROPERTIES, click on the SETTINGS tab and adjust the DESKTOP AREA. Click on TEST. Once the test is complete, click OK.

A plug-in is an optional application that you can download and store on your hard drive. Your computer may not be able to play sounds, video clips or animations without the proper plug-ins. This site takes advantage of several plug-ins necessary to receive features such as animated images. Below are the plug-ins used on the site and where you can download them.

We recommend that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. We have certain forms and pages that contain PDF files and they can only be read or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This product is free to download. Download Now

Macromedia Flash Player gives you full interactive multimedia, clickable and dynamic animations, graphics, text and audio from directly within your web browser. Download Now


When you personalize your profile, we can generate a banking experience specific to your interests and needs. Our Member Services personalization features allow you to memorize your account information for a faster and more convenient login and to personalize the Stocks and Markets you track online. Once you have created a profile, your preferences are recorded and loaded when you next visit the site. You must have cookies enabled in your browser to use these features.

Choose the 'Login' button from the top right hand side and login using your existing username and password. Select 'Member Services', then personalize your profile using the Manage Memorized Accounts shortcuts.


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