It's A Money Thing

It's a Money Thing is the new way to learn about personal finance, because everything is better with cartoons!  
Bite-sized episodes teach you about stuff like credit unions, spending, saving, credit cards, mortgages, student loans and investing.  Check out It's a Money Thing to face your financial fears and emerge victorious, like some sort of expert money ninja!  

Credit Union Difference

Choosing Your Financial Institution

Understand the key differences between credit unions and banks.

Credit Union Myths

Understand the common misconceptions surrounding credit unions. 

Spending Money 

Building a Budget

An introduction to the popular 50/30/20 budgeting system.

Saving Money

Understanding Inflation

An introduction to the causes and effects of rising prices over time. 

Pay Yourself First

Understanding a simple but powerful behavior that will help you prioritize your savings goals. 

Investing For Your Future

Saving for Retirement

A basic introduction to common retirement savings products. 

The Rule of 72

Go deeper into compound interest and learn a simple way to estimate how long an investment will take to double in value.

Borrowing Money 

Using Cards

Comparing Cards

Make informed decisions when it comes to using debit cards, credit cards and prepaid debit cards.

Using Your Credit Card

Learn to foster a healthy relationship between you and your credit cards.
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