Reduce your environmental footprint with online statements. Our internet banking users can now view their statements online, anytime.

Other benefits include:

  • You will receive your statements faster than if they were mailed to you.
  • Improved record keeping. Members will have the option to file their statements electronically on their own back-up system rather than only having a paper file.
  • Security – there is virtually no opportunity for misdirected, lost, stolen or tampered statements like regular mail. Members can simply delete statements instead of having to shred paper copies.
  • Environmentally friendly – an average statement with cheque imaging is approximately 4 pages.

There is a $2/month charge to receive a paper statement with most of our accounts. Ask our staff if the charge applies to your account.

    Do your part to end paper waste!

    To stop your paper statement:

    • Visit our branches in Vermilion and Mannville today.
    • Call 780-853-2822 in Vermilion) or 780-763-6455 in Mannville and speak to a Member Service Officer.
    • Email to with your complete name and phone number and we’ll get back to you regarding your paper statements.

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